Welcome to bicycle touring! It’s a truly remarkable activity. Cycling is a deceptively simple thing to do. The satisfaction of propelling yourself entirely under your own power, and the sense of independence gained from propelling yourself on such an efficient machine is incomparable.

Recreational touring and camping, particularly with proper equipment, does not require the extremes of fitness and effort associated with competitive cycling. Bicycle touring is a thoroughly enjoyable and convivial activity, regardless of the gender or age of the rider.

The Melbourne Bicycle Touring Club has been running regular recreational rides since 1973. We have rides organised every weekend, and sometimes during the week, of differing levels of difficulty, and regular social events, such as lunches and film nights. Longer camping trips are also organised, often taking the opportunity presented by a long weekend to explore parts of country Victoria that cannot be visited in a single day due to the distance. An extended trip also takes place over the Christmas New Year break.