Welcome to bicycle touring, bike packing, gravel grinding and the many other aspects of the two wheel world.

We live in a forever changing world and the world of cycling is no exception!

Bike riders have evolved, the bikes have evolved, and our club is evolving to suit the needs of the modern rider.

Some of the areas of evolution that have really taken off are light weight bike packing, gravel grinding, mountain biking, fat biking, and the choice of bikes just keeps on growing as each year passes.

Bike touring no longer means having to share the endless bitumen highways with cars and trucks.

More and more people are gravitating to quiet dirt backroads where beautiful scenery, the sounds of nature, and fresh air are the order of the day.

Others are turning to slim lightweight rigs and tackling single tracks and full-on alpine wilderness where hike-a-bike is a normal part of the adventure.

Beach, desert sand, & snow are the domain of the fat bike.

It’s all about what the great Australian outdoors has to offer, the only thing missing is you!

There’s nothing quite like the ‘spirit of place’ and freedom you will experience when riding a bicycle on an isolated back road through farmland, along a bush track, over a mountain range, or across a desert. The satisfaction and sense of independence is incomparable.

The Melbourne Bicycle Touring Club is a not for profit organisation and has been running rides continuously since 1973. Our ride leaders are volunteers who put a great deal of their own time into organising safe and attractive rides for the enjoyment of all participants. We ask that all participants remember this when circumstances become challenging on a ride.

Check out our rides program and see what’s coming up this weekend. We have rides ranging from the easiest to the most difficult, from a few hours to a few days, weeks, or even months, there is something here for everyone. We also run regular social nights at various venues near the CBD as well as club meetings throughout the year.

For more information about MBTC please feel free to take a ride through our website.

Our rides and events are scheduled on Meetup. Visitors may do up to three days of riding with us before membership is required.