Club Meetings & Social Nights

Club Meetings

Club meetings are normally held as special events several times throughout the year, usually at a venue close to the CBD, and due to recent changes in the way we socially interact, these meetings may also be held virtually using facilities such as Zoom.

Details of upcoming meetings and in person or virtual venue locations are announced on  Meetup; they also appear on the club calendar.

Our meetings have a main topic of interest presented by a guest speaker, and other topics of interest such as the presentation of an overseas tour with a video/slide show, photography, digital mapping/navigating, etc, to name a few. With the social acceptance of electronic media we now have greater options as members, visitors, and guest speakers may now attend our meetings from remote locations as well as in person with the option of hosting hybrid meetings.

Visitors are welcome to attend our club meetings, basic food and drinks are provided at our in person meetings.

Social Nights

Club social nights are held on the first, and occasionally the third Thursday of every month at various public venues in or around the CBD, and they may also be held virtually.

We usually go to a pub/restaurant for a meal, a drink, and a good ol’ chinwag about cycling and everything else that is happening in the club, the world, and on that endless road that is our playground. Virtual social nights will often include rides reports and slide shows of our great and spirited adventures both past and present.

Details can be found on Meetup and the club calendar.