Rides Program

At MBTC we aim to give you a large variety of rides that cater for a broad variety of people, from simple sightseeing metro rides all the way up to multi week expedition touring and everything in between.

Many of our rides are suitable for many different types of bikes as we often ride along bike paths and rail trails.

We run social get together rides that start in the CBD and take us along a beach or river path to have either breakfast, lunch, or dinner at a nice place with some amazing people.

Our most common rides are one day urban or country tours which may start in Melbourne or at a country location. These rides may be either car or train based.

We regularly run overnight tours that will cater for people who prefer to travel light and stay in accommodation, but we also cater for the hard core tourers who prefer to load up their bikes, carry everything out to a great spot in the bush and tell stories around the campfire.

All riders should read our risk mitigation document. This will help ensure that you and your fellow riders are safe during the ride.

In order to be inclusive, MBTC encourages ride leaders to run their ride at the pace of the slowest rider, regrouping regularly and appointing people to remain at corners to ensure that all participants reach the destination.

If ride leaders intend to run rides at a fast pace and intend to ask riders to leave the ride if they are too slow, then the ride leader should be very clear about this in the ride description.