Updated 5/05/2022

Unless specified otherwise, rides will be vaccination status unknown. Riders are not required to be fully vaccinated on these rides.

In some cases ride leaders may require that all riders on their ride are fully vaccinated. This will be indicated in the ride description on Meetup.

When attending vaccination status unknown rides, be extra vigilant in maintaining social distancing measures as not all have had the opportunity to be fully vaccinated, for health reasons or otherwise, and may be at risk of complications from COVID-19.

At all times rider behaviour must be within the law and follow the Victorian COVID-19 guidelines.

  • do not attend or continue on a ride if you have the slightest cold, flu or COVID-19 symptoms
  • do not attend if you are or should be in quarantine due to covid-19 (including waiting for a test result)
  • for fully vaccinated rides only
    • rider must be fully vaccinated
    • rider must carry proof of vaccination to be sighted by the ride leader before the ride
  • masks are required in some indoor settings and, if you can’t maintain distance, when outdoors
  • always be 1.5 m or more away from other people
  • allow at least a 3-bike length distance behind other riders while riding
  • no bunching up, even at stop points
  • do not touch other riders’ bicycles or equipment
  • recommended to have hand sanitizer that has at least 60% alcohol in your kit

It is highly recommended that you review the following web pages:

COVID-19 also has implications for the way we do first aid: